Experimental Study To Assess The Effect Of Electrode Material While Machining Inconel 718 Through Edm Process


  • Mr. Kulwinder Singh Faculty of Engineering - Chandigarh Group of Colleges Technical Campus, Jhanjeri, Punjab
  • Dr. Shalom Akhai Assistant Professor - Chandigarh Group of Colleges Technical Campus, Jhanjeri, Punjab.


Electrical DischargeMachining,Inconel718, MRR,electrodesofcopperandbrass


Electrical discharge machining process is extensively used in tool and die making industry for processing of hardened materials with reasonable precision [1]. In the present work, comparison of MRR has been done using brass and copper electrodes for machining INCONEL 718. Factors such as Pulse ON time, Pulse OFF time, Discharge current and voltage were considered as the input parameters, while the MRR is considered as the output for both brass and copper electrodes. It was found that the MRR was higher when copper electrode was used instead of brass electrode while performing drilling operation.


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