Design Methodology and Fabrication of Elliptical Microstrip Patch Antenna


  • Mandeep Singh Heer Faculty of Engineering and Technology, G.N.A. University Phagwara Punjab, India.
  • Sanyog Rawat Amity University Jaipur, Associate Professor, ECE,


MSA (Microstrip Patch Antenna), Dielectric Constant (εr), Resonant Frequency (fr)


In this paper a novel design and analysis of an Antenna with broadband behavior has presented. Antenna is designed and fabricated on an inset fed Microstrip Antenna and calculate the effect of antenna dimensions Length (L) , Width (W) and substrate parameters relative Dielectric constant (?r) , substrate thickness on Radiation parameters of Band width. Proposed antenna frequency bands for communication purposes which will be called the low band (2.495 to 2.695 GHz), the medium band (3.25 to 3.85 GHz) and the high band (5.25 to 5.85 GHz). Desired Patch antenna design is initially simulated by using IE3D v-12 simulator by Zeland Inc. and Patch antenna is realized as per design requirements.


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